4 Reasons You May Be Dry Down There...and No, It's Not Because of Your Man

on March 09, 2023

 Something I see a lot in these social media streets is people telling women they're having vaginal dryness because they need to get a new man, or because their man isn't doing it for them anymore.

While that may be true for some, there are plenty of reasons why women may experience vaginal dryness that have nothing to do with their partner. Here are four:



When the body is approaching or in menopause, estrogen levels begin to decrease, which can cause changes in vaginal tissue, such as thinning or a decrease in the production of vaginal fluid which provides natural lubrication.



Some medications, such as hormonal birth control pills and injections, cold and allergy meds, chemotherapy treatments, blood pressure and heart medication, and antidepressants may have a side effect of vaginal dryness.



Sex starts in the mind. When you’re stressed it can make it hard to become aroused which will prohibit or decrease vaginal secretions, making you unable to ‘get wet’.



When an egg isn’t fertilized and you start your period, all the extra estrogen your body produced preparing for conception decreases, which can cause vaginal dryness. Tampon use can also cause vaginal dryness. Since they don’t know the difference between period blood and vaginal fluid, tampons will soak up any moisture in the vagina, leaving your vagina feeling dry and uncomfortable.


There's no need to feel embarrassed, ashamed, or like less than a woman if you start to have vaginal dryness. There are a few over the counter remedies you can try, but it may be best to speak with your healthcare provider before trying these out, since sometimes it could be as simple as switching your medication or changing the dose. However you address your dryness, the key is to not to continue to suffer, especially in silence.


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