About Nedia Beauty

Welcome to Nedia Beauty, where we celebrate and uplift the multidimensional Queen that you are! 

We are an intimate wellness brand focusing on empowering women to own their intimate health by providing them with info and tips on how their bodies work, so they can make informed decisions when dealing with the healthcare system and become a self-advocate for their intimate health.

As a Black woman, our symptoms and concerns are not always taken seriously by healthcare providers, and we are at risk every time we encounter the healthcare system. We are on a mission to stop Black women from suffering in silence and help them find their voice when it comes to their intimate health.

We create intimate wellness products to help you feel like your best self. We start offer wellness teas to help maintain your feminine and overall health, an intimate skin cleanser to help maintain healthy bacteria and hydrate and moisturize your delicate vulva skin, and an arousal gel that is sure to get you where you need to be.

When you’re the one everyone counts on, it can sometimes be exhausting. Your work, family, and responsibilities pull you in 12 directions - all before lunch. That’s why our products are about more than just feeling clean or sexy - they’re created to give you a few moments of pampering each day - because you deserve it! 

 We live for that moment when you realize the incredible, amazing, badass you are. When you feel beautiful, bold, and confident enough to take on the world…and take your intimate health into your own hands!


Indulge the Queen in you!


About the Founder Brooklyn Palmer

When I got pregnant with my son Aiden (the inspiration for the name Nedia), I was terribly sick. After his birth, I struggled with postpartum depression, anxiety, and a colicky baby. Mixing and experimenting with body butters during his naps gave me a much-needed outlet. The more I played around with scents and additions to make the formulas more luxurious and relaxing, the more I discovered my dormant confidence and sense of self outside of motherhood. 

As my skin became more silky and touchable, I felt more connected to my husband and more confident in other areas of my life. I learned that skincare is a necessary form of self-care and that I deserved to feel beautiful.

I’ve been an Army veteran, a mother-baby nurse, pediatric nurse, a mother, and an entrepreneur. I know what it is to be everything to everyone and feel guilty about taking breaks for self-care. From one Queen to another, treat yourself - because when you feel confident, beautiful, and like yourself, you can show up in the world in truly powerful ways.