on June 26, 2022


The number of black women suffering from reproductive and gynecological issues is disproportionately higher than our non-black counterparts. Fibroids, pregnancy complications, maternal death, and death from breast cancer occur more often in Black female patients. If we’re being real, some providers are still under the belief that black people can’t even feel pain. Or that our bodies are created in such a different way that we can endure more pain than our non-black counterparts. Hmmmm.


The lack of empathy, not taking our symptoms seriously, consistently referring to us as ‘noncompliant’ in our medical records when we weren’t given proper education and instructions on our diagnoses and treatment options, along with a history of medical mistreatment and inequality, have all helped to create a culture of mistrust between the black community and healthcare providers. This mistrust leads to great concern in regard to maintaining the health of black people, specifically, black women… specifically pregnant black women and those dealing with gynecological issues.


  • Black women are dying at an alarming rate due to maternal health issues and complications during labor and delivery.
  • The rate of unplanned pregnancies is higher in black women (which could be due to a lack of education on safer sex practices or a lack of affordable preventive measures like birth control and condoms), we suffer more frequently from pregnancy complications, and have a higher risk of going into pre-term labor
  • The prognosis for black women with breast cancer is poorer, and they are more likely to die than white women
  • Black women are more likely to be diagnosed with uterine fibroids and have post-op complications when having them removed


Is this because we don’t speak up for ourselves? We’re afraid our healthcare providers won’t listen to us? We don’t know how to vocalize what’s going on with our bodies? We don’t know what’s going on with our bodies? We’re afraid of the outcome? My guess would be a little bit of all of these.


Reproductive and gynecological issues in the black woman can go undiagnosed, untreated, and undertreated, eventually leading her to suffer in silence. Many of these disorders bring with them various unpleasant changes and side effects, such as vaginal and vulva dryness, a decreased libido, and decreased arousal, which can further lead to anxiety, depression, relationship strain, emotional distress, and an overall decreased sense of self-worth.


Nedia Beauty is creating an intimate skincare regimen which includes a feminine wash, vulva moisturizer, and female arousal gel, to aid in helping to improve the discomfort of vulva dryness, irritation, and burning, painful sex, decreased arousal, and an overall frustrating and overwhelmed emotional state, due to the constant discomfort from ‘down-there’ dryness and an inability to enjoy a healthy sex life. We want you to take care of your most delicate skin the same way you care for your face. Our mission is to help you gain the knowledge and confidence to find your voice, be your own vaginal health advocate, discover your sexual wellness, and restore your confidence in yourself as a woman!





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